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03.06-09.15 :: CCRC at the Arnold

On March 6th-9th, Dr. Ulm and Dr. Kraft were working Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit competitions at the Arnold Sports Festival.  We want to thank Aaron Jannetti and Rob McKeeman and Endeavor Defense and Fitness as well as Columbus Weightlifting for bringing us in.

03.01.15 :: Mobility Clinic for COTC

On March 1st, Dr. Ulm put on a mobility clinic for the Central Ohio Triathlon Club.  

02.08.15 :: Running Clinic at Orange Theory Fitness

On February 8th, Dr. Ulm and Dr. Kraft were at Orange Theory Fitness for a running clinic.   Dr. Ulm covered proper running mechanics and proper form.  

01.30.15 :: Mobility Clinic at ChalkDust CrossFit

On January 30th, Dr. Kraft and Dr. Ulm were at ChalkDust CrossFit to put on a mobility clinic.   Dr. Kraft covered mobility for the overhead squat.  Thank you to Mike Walters for bringing us in!

01.24.15 :: Winter Challenge at CrossFit Future

On January 24th, Dr. Ulm and Dr. Kraft were at CrossFit Future for the 4th annual Winter Challenge.  There were some awesome athletes competing and we had a blast!  Thank you to RIch James for inviting us out!

01.18.15 :: Low Back Clinic at Endeavor

On January 18th, Dr. Ulm and Dr. Kraft were at Endeavor Defense and Fitness in Hilliard for a low back seminar.  Dr. Ulm covered low back mechanics, injury prevention, and proper stabilization.  Thank you to Aaron Jannetti for bringing us in.

11.22.14 :: Clinic at POWER Performance Systems

On November 22nd, Dr. Kraft was at POWER Performance Systems in Dublin for a mobility and technique clinic.  Thank you to Nate Fuggitt for setting things up for us.

10.26.14 :: Strongest Unicorn Olympic Weightlifting Competition

On October 26th, Dr. Ulm and Dr. Kraft were at Endeavor Defense and Fitness in Hilliard for the Strongest Unicorn Olympic Weightlifting Competition.  Aaron and Rob put on a great meet and as always Mark, Drew, and Chelsea from Columbus Weightlifting are unparelleled.  We saw some state records go down and Olympian Holley Mangold move some serious weight.  Thank you to Aaron, Rob and the Columbus Weightlifting crew for letting us be a part of the fun!

10.18.14 :: Crossfit Polaris Squat Clinic

Dr. Ulm spent Saturday Octorber 18th at Crossfit Polaris putting on a Squat Clinic.  He covered the basics of squatting technique and exercises to improve squat form and function.  In addition he discussed some injury prevention strategies.

10.11-12.14 :: Friendship Crossfit's Master Competition

On October 11th and 12th, Dr. Ulm and Dr. Kraft spent the weekend treating athletes at Friendship Crossfit in Dublin.  The held their 2nd annual Fall Master's Competition which is a Crossfit competition for people 35 and over.  We saw some unbelievable athletes in a really fun competition.  Thank you to Jeff Binek and Friendship Crossfit for allowing us to crash their party.

09.27.14 :: Ashland University Weightlifting Clinic

On September 27th, Dr. Ulm taught a weighlifting clinic at Ashland University to their track and field team.  A big thanks goes out to Coach Jud Logan for the invite.

09.13.14 :: NSCA Great Lakes Lecture

On September 13th, Dr. Ulm gave a presentation on functional assessments to the National Strength and Conditioning Association's Great Lakes Region at Eastern Michigan University.

08.21.14 :: Ironman Louisville

August 21-24th Dr. Kraft was working Ironman Louisville.  He spent time with the ART treatment team working on the athletes.  Dr. Kraft also received an ART Biomechanics Certification that involved evaluating running/walking mechanics and treating any dysfunctional movement.

08.16.14 :: Fit Club Summer Games

On August 16th and 17th, Dr. Ulm and Dr. Kraft spent the weekend treating athletes downtown at Fit Club Summer Games.  The weather was great and we had a blast.  Thank you to Mitch Potterf and Fit Club for having us!

08.01.14 :: Mobility Seminar at Route 33 Crossfit

On August 1st, Dr. Ulm and Dr. Kraft spent the evening at Route 33 Crossfit in Marysville for a mobility seminar.  We focused on the hips, ankles, and shoulders to get better depth and pain free motion in the squat.

07.20.14 :: Summer Running Clinic with COTC

On July 20th, Dr. Ulm taught a running clinic hosted by the Central Ohio Triathlon Club at Dublin Scioto High School.  We want to thank COTC and Ann Kurtenbach for having us.  Also thanks to Matt Suttle for the facilities.  We had a great turn out and had a lot of fun! 

06.28.14 :: Validus Games at Crossfit Endeavor

On June 28th, Dr. Ulm and Dr. Kraft were at the Validus Games at Crossfit Endeavor.  It was a great competition, well run from start to finish.  Thank you to Aaron Janetti and Rob McKeeman for putting on a great show.

05.10.14 :: Dr. Ulm Teaches Running Clinic At Crossfit Polaris

On May 10th, Dr. Ulm taught a running clinic at Crossfit Polaris.  Dr. Ulm and Glenn Gray spent the afternoon reviewing running style, mechanics of running gait, and drills on improving running mechanics.  A big thank you to Crossfit Polaris for hosting us and to everyone that came out to run in the rain.  

05.02.14 :: Dr. Kraft Treats Runners at Cap City Half Marathon Expo

On May 2nd, Dr. Kraft spent the day treating runners at the Cap City Expo downtown.  We had a blast hanging out with Second Sole and working on some runners.  Thank you to Second Sole for allowing us to be there.  

02.28.14 :: Arnold Sports Festival

Dr. Kraft spent the weekend at the Arnold treating athletes at the Crossfit competition as well as the Olympic weightlifting competition.  We got to work with some unbelievable athletes and watch some great competitions.

02.10.14 :: Dr. Ulm presents on Injury Prevention at Second Sole

Dr. Ulm's presented on Injury Prevention at Second Sole running store in Gahanna, Ohio. Dr. Ulm presented on preventing running injury, demonstrated some good exercises and answered questions. It was a great event. Thanks to Randy Benedict and the rest of the Second Sole Crew.

02.02.14 :: Shoulder Seminar at Friendship Crossfit

Dr. Ulm presented to Crossfit coaches on the shoulder.  The presentation covered shoulder biomechanics, programming to prevent injury, and some exercises to correct mechanics and prevent injury.  Thank you to Jeff Binek and the Friendship crew.

01.22.14 :: Crossfit New Albany Winter Challenge

On January 22nd, Dr. Ulm and Dr. Kraft were at the Winter Challenge at Crossfit New Albany.  It was a little chilly, but everyone did a great job.  Thank you to Rich James and Crossfit New Albany for having us.

12.15.13 :: Dr. Ulm Olympic Lifting Seminar at Crossfit Grandview

On December 15th, Dr. Ulm was at Crossfit Grandview wrapping up his Olympic Lifting seminar series.  This final day was spent on finding the "power position" in the lift and capitalizing on the mechanical advantage your hips can give you.

11.17.13 :: Dr. Ulm Clean and Jerk Seminar at Rt. 33 Crossfit

On November 17th, Dr. Ulm was at Rt. 33 Crossfit in Marysville teaching a seminar on the clean and jerk.  Adam and Carrie Weigand were gracious hosts and we had a great time.

On October 5th at 6:00p, I will doing a presentation on shin splints at the Columbus Running Company in Dublin.  Brooks will be there sponsoring the event and there will be a group run going on afterwards.  Beer and Brat’s will be provided.  It should be a great time to socialize, learn and just hang out.  If you are interested in attending, please visit the following website and RSVP for the event (  The event goes from 6:00p until 9:00p.  I hope to see you there!

09.22.11 :: Dr. Ulm to Present on Shin Splints at CRC

09.19.11 :: Ulm to Receive advanced certification in Biomechanics

While treating athletes at the Revolution 3 triathlon, I was also testing for an advanced certification in biomechanics awarded by Active Release Technique.  The test involved watching several triathletes run, properly identifying the problematic motions in their gait and then effectively treating them.  The biomechanics certification enhances the my eye for aberrant motion in my patient’s form as they perform their sporting event (i.e. running, throwing, hitting a golf call, etc.).  Having a higher understand of biomechanics and a keener eye for dysfunctional movement allows me to better treat the cause of the problem by restoring proper motion and function.  Addressing the dysfunction not only helps get the patient or athlete out of pain faster, but it decreases the chances of the problem reoccurring and it allows the athlete to perform at a higher level.  This certification has already raised the quality of the care I am able to supply to my patients.

If you are interested in Active Release Technique, call the office at (6

09.19.11 :: Dr. Ulm treats athletes at the Revolution 3 triathlon

From September 9th though the 11th, I was up in Sandusky, Ohio treating the triathletes competing in the Revolution 3 event held at Cedar Point.  Revolution 3 is a series of triathlons which are the same length as an “Ironman” (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a full 26.2 marathon).   The great thing about the Revolution 3 events is that they are more of a family affair.  You have professional athletes competing right along with regular people who are just out to finish their first triathlon.  It was a very energetic and encouraging environment.  I treated a Canadian National Champion and an Iraq war veteran (injured in battle) in the same day.  Doctors actually told this awesome guy that he might never be able to walk again.  Very inspirational.   It was a lot of fun to have been able to interact with and help these athletes perform at their best.  For more information about the Revolution 3 events, visit

Triathletes find Active Release Technique to be profoundly helpful as they push their body’s to the limit.  It allows them to prevent injury, sustain a higher volume and intensity of training, both of which ultimately lead to improved performance.

Active Release is not just for triathletes.  It is useful for many soft tissue problems such as sprain/strain, carpel tunnel syndrome, rotatory cuff issues and head aches.  If you care curious about what active release technique can do for you, contact our office (614)-389-4473 or visit

06.15.11 :: Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Seminar

This Thursday through Sunday, I will be in St. Louis, MO learning from perhaps the greatest manual therapist of our times, Pavel Kolar.  Dr. Kolar resides in Prague, Czech Republic.  He will be presenting on a treatment approach to musculoskeletal problems that is based heavily in developmental kinesiology (how we learn to crawl and walk).  This approach utilizes exercises and neurology to assess and treat functional and neruo-mechanical problems such as shoulder impingement and carpal tunnel syndrome.



Also instructing at this seminar is Dr. Brett Winchester, DC, Dr. Clayton Skaggs, DC and Robert Larder, PT, all of whom are very well respected in the world of manual therapy.

06.15.11 :: Dr. Ulm to Speak at Second Sole

I will be doing a short presentation about common inures associated with marathon training at Second Sole shoe store in Gahanna, OH.  (315 Stoneridge Lane Gahanna, OH 43230-6779).  Second Sole will be putting on a catered event to celebrate the start of this season’s weekly fun runs.  The run starts at 6:30p and food and drinks will be available at 7:00p.  Come by and check it out and see one of the best running shoe stores in Ohio.
I hope to see you there.

03.21.11 :: Treating the Throwing Athlete

I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at the Motion Palpation Institute’s Master’s seminar “Considerations and Treatment of the Throwing Athlete” in St. Louis, MO on June 4th and 5th.  Dr. Winchester, DC and Dr. Campbell, DC covered the functional approach to assessing and treating these special athletes.  Dr. Randi Davis, DC introduced the basic mechanics behind a softball pitch.  TJ Matthews (a former major league player taught by Tom House , a world renowned pitching coach) covered the biomechanics of a baseball pitch.  We also had the pleasure of Dr. Matthew Smith, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at Washing University -St. Louis, who was also a fellow at the prestigious Andrews Sports Medicine clinic.  Dr. Smith covered the common injuries seen with throwing athletes and reviewed the surgical corrections for the injuries.  I introduced the, as I called it, “other” throwing movements – those of track and field.  The seminar was very informative.  I am glad that I was able to be a part of such an outstanding team.

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