CCRC Health Challenge 2021

              This month of November, CCRC will be running a "health challenge". Unlike most challenges, which typically focus on diet, this one is going to be all about all things stress management. 

              The rules are simple. You'll simply pick 3 of the following "rules" to follow for the month of November to the best of your ability!

1. Limit Social media to between 7:00am-7:00pm or simply give it up all together.
2. No technology within 1 hour before bedtime.
3. Give yourself an 8-9 hour sleep window (or add 30-60 mins).
4. Go to bed and wake up at the same exact time every day.
5. Turn off your iPhone push notifications.
6. "Move" every single day (at least 20 minutes of any form of exercise).
7. Start a meditation practice.
8. Completely avoid any multi-tasking.
9. Walk everyday for 15 minutes, without any technology. 

            Further, we have teamed up with Yoga 6 a new yoga studio in Dublin in the beautiful bridge park. They have been generous enough to offer a discount code "CCRC" with allows for an entire month of yoga for only $20!!

            Please pick your 3 rules, share your 3 on social media and tag our business account @columbus.crc using the tag #NoStressNovember.

                                                     Here's to a less stressful month!



Yoga Six is located in Bridge Park in Dublin near the North Market.